Mobiler High-End Player


Born for Music and Happy

FiiO's motto is "Born for Music and Happy", and has successfully implemented this since its foundation in 2007. The declared goal of FiiO is to build high quality and stylish products for on the go with excellent value for money. The FiiO range consists of a large number of products for listening to music on the go. Starting with the mobile music player, which also drives power-hungry headphones with up to 300 ohms loosely, via mobile headphone amplifiers, D / A converters and headphones, as well as matching accessories FiiO offers everything that makes the music lover's heart beat faster.

FiiO - Don't call it MP3 player!
Who calls the mobile music player simply "MP3 player", underestimates this excessive - but in addition to MP3 all other relevant music formats such as (HighRes-) FLAC, ALAC, DSD and WAV played. Enjoy the freedom to listen to music as you like, without the hassle of restrictions.
The development continues
Do not be afraid of technical progress! FiiO's mobile music players are updateable and are constantly being updated with new features and stability improvements. So you always have a current musical companion by your side.