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Onkyo - Audiophile consumer electronics from Japan

Onkyo was born in 1946 when “Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K” was founded in Oskaka, Japan. While the company initially limited itself to the production of tonearms, the first complete turntable soon followed. With the production of the "non-pressed paper cone" cone, Onkyo revolutionized the loudspeaker industry and landed its first groundbreaking success. Other audio products such as hi-fi players, amplifiers, compact systems and stereo phonic all-in-one sound systems eventually made Onkyo a respected specialist and innovator in the field of high-end consumer electronics. With numerous in-house developments and new technologies in the field of home cinema, Onkyo again caused a sensation in the 1990s.

Today, the Onkyo Group consists of 4 business divisions, with the audio/video consumer electronics division being the most important and best known worldwide. As one of the most important manufacturers of audio and entertainment electronics, Onkyo ranks between well-known producers such as Sony, Denon, Pioneer and Philips. The group, managed by Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Naoto Otsiki, can now proudly call its own 13 subsidiaries and 4 group companies and is therefore considered an influential global player. At the same time, tradition and a quality awareness that is deeply rooted in the corporate philosophy are still the focus of the group, which is still based in Osaka.

Intense sound experiences thanks to modern cutting-edge technology - the Onkyo products at a glance

As a full-range supplier with its own research and development department, Onkyo has a diverse range that has the right product for every music lover. As one of the technology leaders in the home cinema segment, Onkyo offers its discerning customers A/V receivers and Blu-Ray players that ensure a first-class home cinema experience. In the area of ​​audio systems, high-quality compact systems are convincing - such as the Onkyo CS-1045 CD Hi-Fi Mini System or the Onkyo CS-265DAB+ CD Hi-Fi Mini System including Bluetooth. Multi-room speakers and other hi-fi components, including network audio players, amplifiers and Onkyo receivers, as well as CD players and tuners, represent the entire spectrum of the latest technology.
Onkyo receivers and other network-enabled audio devices

Translated, Onkyo means something like "sound harmony". The manufacturer of high-end audio products lives up to this name with new innovations that reproduce your favorite music with powerful sound quality as authentically as possible. Onkyo maintains its established leading position in the market primarily due to its high-quality A/V receivers and the highly acclaimed stereo and multi-channel amplifiers and DVD players. With the wide-range amplifier technology and the standard installation of Ethernet interfaces, Onkyo opened up a wide range of options for users of its devices to enjoy music via Internet radio and many other sources at an early stage. Using an Android app, audio files stored on the smartphone can now be read and played back via WLAN by a connected amplifier.

With the network-enabled A/V and stereo receivers and the wireless loudspeakers from Onkyo, modern multi-room systems can be designed in a particularly uncomplicated manner and according to your individual needs. Once installed to your liking, network audio sources and analog sources send data to the speakers via FireConnect™, providing unlimited audio enjoyment throughout the home.

With OnkyoMusik.com, Onkyo also provides you with one of the leading download platforms MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) tracks. Audiophile music lovers will find one of the most extensive collections of high-resolution music here. New titles are added to the currently more than 16,000 titles every day, expanding your options for enjoying music at the highest level.

Unique Selling Points:

    • Onkyo introduced innovative technologies such as Wide Range Amplifier Technology
    • Network-enabled high-end devices with great sound
    • Android app that enables the output of audio files via WLAN via the amplifier
    • Largest download platform OnkyoMusik.com for MQA titles