Stable 33.33 Vinyl Center Hole Reamer

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Stable 33.33 Vinyl Center Hole Reamer

The "Vinyl Hole Reamer" is used to re-cut the LP center hole and solves the annoying problem of the center hole not being punched out cleanly or too small.

Despite the tight specified tolerances for the hole in the center of the vinyl, (0.286'' +0.001'' / -0.002''), it often happens that the hole is smaller than min. 0.284''. To solve this problem, STABLE 33.33 offers the "HoleReamer" cutting aid.

This small tool has been manufactured with particular precision to give you optimal control when correcting the diameter of the center of your LP. The Vinyl Hole Reamer is very easy to use. You can easily correct that small diameter deviation in the middle of your vinyls with this precision tool

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