IT CFI Copper Foil Inductor 30 CU 0,68 mH

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Tape coil CU 30

Inductance:   0,68 mH
Resistance:  0,20 Ohm
Dimensions: 61x37 mm

Technical Details:
99.99% pure copper
Copper/Oxygen content: 0.04%
Classification: OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)
Insulation temperature rating: 130 °C

Type: Air core Inductor
Copper foil with rounded edges
Cross-section of conductor:
CU 30x0.070mm = 2.10mm²
CU 47x0.070mm = 3.29mm²
Insulation layer: Polyethylene
External wrapping: Polyethylene foil (protection against mech. damage)
Length of connection leads: 100mm

Induction values available: 0.15mH through to 4.7mH
99.99% pure copper
Copper/Oxygen content 0.04%
Classification: OFC (Oxygen free copper)
Insulation temperature rating: 130 C

Special features:
Very low Skin effect
No saturation distortion
No-vibration inductor design
Good heat dissipation
Highest quality

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