Dayton OS-2S OS-2M Outrigger HD Speaker Spike Set 2 Pcs. - Medium

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Available again in August 2024
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Dayton OS-2S OS-2M Outrigger HD Speaker Spike Set 2 Pcs | Medium
(For one speaker only!)

Improve the stability of your speakers while giving them a modern and professional look with Dayton Audio's OS-2M steel spiked outrigger set. Constructed of 4 mm thick steel, these 14" wide spiked outriggers have a durable black powder coated finish. With up to 4 mounting points per outrigger and heavy-duty spikes, each outrigger can support up to 200 lbs.

Give your speaker projects a professional look and more stable base with Dayton Audio's OS-2M outrigger set. By creating a wider base, the OS-2M outriggers can improve the stability of tall, narrow, and top-heavy speakers to keep them standing tall. In addition, the 1-1/2" heavy-duty adjustable spike is long enough to pierce through the thickest carpet and padding to rigidly couple your speaker to the subfloor below, along with further improving stability this coupling can noticeably improve clarity, stereo imaging and bass response. To keep your speakers level on even the most uneven floors the height of the spikes can be quickly adjusted and then securely locked into place with the easy to turn knurled jam nut. Finally, constructed of one piece of 4 mm steel, the weight of the speaker is distributed evenly across the surface to handle up to 200 lbs. per outrigger.

Product Highlights
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • Coupling loudspeakers to a floor can improve clarity, imaging, and bass response
  • Increases a speaker's footprint to create a more stable base
  • Adjustable spikes and knurled locking knob make it easy to level speakers on uneven floors
  • One-piece construction spans the width of the speaker for even weight distribution
  • 14" width is perfect for speakers from 7" to 10-3/4" wide
  • Outrigger: 4 mm thick (0.16") x 40 mm (1.57") W x 355 mm (14") L
  • Spikes: 30 mm (1.18") diameter x 38 mm (1.49") H
  • Jam nut: 30 mm (1.18") diameter x 20 mm (0.78") H
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