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Supra XL-Annorum RCA Cable

The XL Annorum RCA connection cable is a further development of the popular Supra Cables speaker cable of the same name. A kind of hybrid construction of XL Annorum speaker cable and Sword connection, where Supra Cables have got the best of both worlds. The construction itself is very similar to the Sword-I, while the wire material, damping fillers and rubberized jacket are from the XL Annorum speaker cable.

  • Transparent and dynamic sound
  • Minimum phase-shifting reactance
  • Extremely low microphonic effect
  • Robust & slim 24K gold-plated RCA connectors
During testing and development they were amazed at how quiet the cable became, the rubber based damping material protected the cable extremely well from malicious microphonic effects. This phenomenon is usually volume dependent and increases with increasing volume, but in their testing they couldn't hear or measure any microphonics. Add in the transparency of the Sword construction and minimal phase shift characteristics and we get a high-end cable at a mid-range price. The biggest difference to its big brother Sword-I is the painted strands, which still make it a bit better, but it is also significantly more expensive. Cables with painted strands are much more difficult and expensive to solder because each wire has to be stripped, which is not necessary with the XL Annorum Interconnect.

The construction consists of two bifilar-spun conductors made of 6+6 bright-drawn, oxygen-free 5N copper wires spun in 2 layers around a short pitch plastic core. This results in good capacitance values ​​and effectively reduces the current limitation (so-called skin effect). Other design advantages include the PP plastic insulator, which is very dense and chemically stable, helping to minimize deadly corrosion of the conductor material. The conductors are twisted with dampening filler material, effectively shielded with aluminum foil and then embedded in a rubberized outer jacket.

The specification and performance is right between our flagship SUPRA Sword-I and EFF-I.
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