Dali Connect E-601 Ständer Paar white

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Dali Connect E-601 stand pair

In order to ensure optimal sound quality, it is very important when placing loudspeakers in the living room that the high and medium frequencies are emitted at ear height of the seated listeners. While this is usually automatically the case with floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers require space on a shelf, on a sideboard or - ideally - on a suitable stand.

The DALI CONNECT E-601 is the improved successor to the previous CONNECT E-600 and was developed precisely for this purpose and offers an elegant and stable basis for most shelf boxes. The base plate of the CONNECT E-601 consists of a satin-finished glass plate, while the aluminum standpipe is painted in high-gloss white or black. The loudspeakers can be placed perfectly on the 148 x 198 mm mounting plate made of stable metal. A non-slip pad is included. The speaker cable is routed invisibly through the standpipe. The cable bushings, which have been enlarged compared to the predecessor, now have a diameter of 30 mm. The stand has a height of 602 mm with spikes.

  • Satin-coated glass base plate
  • High gloss lacquered aluminum tube
  • Painted metal mounting plate
  • Invisible cable routing under the glass plate and inside the standpipe
  • Particularly suitable for DALI MENUET and the shelf boxes of the OBERON and OPTICON series
  • Non-slip pad for the speaker mounting plate included
The most important dimensions
  • Stand with spikes: 602 x 260 x 320 mm (HxWxD)
  • Mounting plate: 148 x 198 mm (WxD)
  • Cable entry in base plate: 30 mm ø
  • Cable bushing in the standpipe at the top: 30 mm ø
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