Music Tools CLASSIC 54 CM - Heavy Speaker-Stands for LS 5/9, black 54cm black/chrom

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-29 %
Music Tools CLASSIC 54 CM - Heavy Speaker-Stands for LS 5/9, black (price per Pair)

The CLASSIC 54 CM Heavy Stands are designed and built for all BBC Monitor LS 5/9 loudspeaker models.

These stands are very stiff and entirely filled, their proportions are built from the functionality that shall perform, 
available in four different sizes and heights.

  • welded steel structure
  • stoved soundproofing paint
  • filled and tuned with FIILLIN damping compound and lead
  • adjustable spikes for accurate floor coupling
  • Blu-Tack for loudspeakers and stand cupling
  • set of 8 FLOOR-SAVER ø 20 stainless steel incl.

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