Dali Oberon 9 Floorstanding-Speaker Ash black

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Dali Oberon 9 Floorstanding-Speaker

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Verdict: "
That’s the thing with these towers; they’re an artful balance of muscle and enthusiasm that’s hard to dislike. If you have a large listening room and like it loud, but still value the subtleties, these Oberon 9 are well worth a listen. We wouldn’t be surprised if you fall for their considerable charms."


When the new DALI OBERON speaker series celebrated its premiere in autumn 2018, specialist dealers, hi-fi fans and the editors of the test magazines quickly agreed: These transducers set new standards in the entry-level class. To this day, the OBERON series is celebrating great success around the world - and with the new top model OBERON 9 it is getting another addition to the family that cannot be overlooked or heard.

Because the DALI OBERON 9 represents a monument among the floorstanding speakers in its class: almost 1.20 meters high, 37 kg in weight and equipped with a heavy-duty 3-way system, it is the perfect loudspeaker for large to very large living rooms and home cinemas. The respectable sound pressure of up to 113 decibels is generated by two huge woofers with a diameter of 230 mm each, a 175 mm mid-range driver and a 29 mm fabric dome tweeter.


The OBERON 9 has a 175 mm midrange driver and two 230 mm bass drivers. The three cone drivers have membranes made from the reddish mixture of cellulose and wood fibers that is typical for DALI, whereby the irregular surface structure and a special coating in combination with particularly low-loss vibrating beads and spiders help the chassis to achieve excellent acoustic properties.

The three cone drivers The patented SMC magnetic material used in the drive of the cone drivers also promises particularly low-loss and low-distortion reproduction.

The cone area of ​​the two huge woofers taken together is around 12% larger than that of a 300 mm chassis that is often used in separate subwoofers. Thanks to the larger membrane area, the two woofers achieve the same sound pressure level with comparatively small deflections, which leads to less distortion and a higher maximum volume level.

The membranes are framed in a soft and very flexible rubber surround so that they can move as freely as possible and are only exposed to very little damping effects.


The use of SMC in the magnet system significantly reduces mechanical distortions caused by hysteresis and eddy currents. In combination, these improvements to the magnetic drive significantly reduce third-order distortion, which is why the loudspeakers of the OBERON series enable a longer, relaxed listening experience with unobtrusive mids and a wealth of detail that is amazing in this class.

The drive consists of a large ferrite magnet that encloses a pole piece made from the unique combination of iron and SMC. SMC is a magnetic powder that makes it possible to form strong magnets that do not conduct electricity. Since the ferrous iron only forms the base of the pole piece, the negative effects of the iron are minimized, while the 10 mm thick SMC washer is placed on top of the pole piece exactly in the middle of the main working area of ​​the four-layer voice coil. This guarantees the maximum effect of the SMC on the voice coil environment, which leads to a greatly improved constant flux field.


The tweeter with its ultra-light fabric dome with a diameter of 29 mm was specially developed for the OBERON series. The membrane consists of an extremely light fabric that weighs less than half the weight of most other dome tweeters on the market at just 0.060 mg per mm2.

Thanks to the large membrane, the tweeter achieves a higher sound pressure with a smaller deflection, which means that the voice coil can always move with great precision and control. The magnet system of the tweeter is cooled with ferrofluid in the interests of greater resilience, perfect damping and as support for an absolutely centered voice coil deflection.

The extremely light dome tweeter manufactured by DALI is also optimized for a larger bandwidth in its lower frequency range. This ensures a seamless transition from the woofer to the tweeter with a balanced, airy and very harmonious reproduction of the upper midrange.

The front panel of the tweeter is designed similarly to the OPTICON and RUBICON series in order to create optimal working conditions for the fabric dome with regard to a far-reaching frequency response, a very wide-angled radiation and the least possible discoloration.


The housing of the OBERON 9 consists of CNC-milled MDF boards, which are coated with carefully selected, high-quality vinyl foils and thus form a solid base for the assembly of the loudspeaker chassis. The standing speakers have a particularly stable construction with solid stiffeners inside the housing, which practically completely eliminates disruptive resonances inside.

In the interests of optimal timing - with the exception of the back of the baffle - all the inside of the housing are lined with an acoustic insulation material. This ensures a more direct contact between the woofer and the bass reflex opening, which is noticeable with a more precise bass and an open, particularly transparent midrange.

The bass reflex openings are located in the rear of the case in order to ensure the strongest possible bass reproduction with the support of the sound waves reflected from the wall behind the speakers.

The front covers of the OBERON series have also been redesigned. The elegant, rounded covers, covered with a specially structured fabric, give the speakers an extremely pleasing and modern look.

The two available housing versions, black and walnut, are supplied with black front covers.

Elegant aluminum frames give the OBERON 9 a lighter design and a stable stand.

  • Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz]: 35 - 26,000
  • Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) [dB]: 90.5
  • Nominal impedance [Ω]: 4
  • Maximum sound pressure level [dB]: 113
  • Recommended amplifier power [W]: 50 - 400
  • Crossover frequencies [Hz]: 780 / 3,400
  • Crossover principle: 3-way
  • Tweeter / Quantity: 1 x 29 mm ø
  • Tweeter, type of membrane: fabric dome
  • Midrange, quantity: 1 x 175 mm ø (7 ")
  • Midrange driver, diaphragm type: wood fiber membrane
  • Mid-woofer / number: 2 x 230 mm ø (9 ")
  • Bass-midrange driver, type of membrane: wood fiber membrane
  • Enclosure type: bass reflex
  • Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz]: 31
  • Inputs: two screw terminals
  • Recommended installation: floor standing speaker
  • Recommended distance to the wall [cm]: 20 - 80
  • Maximum dimensions with base and cover (HxWxD) [mm]: 1,172 x 260 x 406
  • Accessories included: instruction manual, rubber feet, spikes, front grille
  • Weight [kg]: 37.1
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