Harwood Acoustics T27 Mylar dome tweeter (replacement tweeter for all KEF speakers)

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Harwood Acoustics T27 Mylar dome tweeter
(Replacement all KEF speakers)

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Verdict: "Conclusion: "The frequency responses of the T27A and its replica are remarkably similar and broadband, up to over 30 kilohertz at full level. The radiation pattern is extremely broad, especially favorable for a near-field monitor, so that the diffuse sound field is sufficiently fed. The efficiency is relatively low which is just right in combination with the B110A. "

This is a replica of the famous and widely used KEF T27 in original construction. The sound characteristics are fine and unobtrusive, so it is particularly suitable for classical music and lovers who like it a bit more discreet. Of course, you can also repair all old KEF boxes with this T27, as it has the same impedance and therefore behaves according to the crossover circuit.

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 2.5 Hz
Max. Frequency 32 kHz
Sound pressure 86 dB


Overall dimensions 108 mm
Baffle cutout 74 mm
Depth (Total) 18 mm
Front material Steel plate
Membrane Type Dome
Membrane Surround Polymer
Membrane Material Plastic
Voice coil Ø 19 mm
Voice coil height 3 mm
Voice coil material Kapton
Air gap height 3.3 mm
Magnet Ø 70 mm
Magnet-height 15 mm


Resonance fs fs: 1250 Hz
Mechanical Q Qms: 3.0
Electrical Q Qes: 1.4
Total Q Qts: 0.96
DC-Resistance Re: 6.0 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 0.106 mH
Sound pressure dB: 86 SPL




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