Mundorf CFC 14 CU-Foil Coil

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Copper Foil Coils CFC 14
Effective immediately we can now also deliver OFC (oxygen-free copper) copper foil coils produced in our own factory.
Oxygen-free copper has two very desirable properties : it is extremely pure, and it has a special crystal lattice structure.
The outstanding audio characteristics of this precious material are further enhanced by the electrical benefits of the coil design: In contrast to conventional coils, where the individual turns of the windings lie side by side, the windings in these units are directly on top of one another, bringing them significantly closer to the theoretically ôidealö coil. Among other things, this is reflected in the coils Q-factor, which remains constant up to more than 100KHz. And since the unwanted capacitance of these coils is particularly low they are also extremely effective at blocking out very high frequencies. Mechanical robustness is another valuable feature of this design. The large contact area between the windings and the elastic polypropylene film insulator eliminates vibration in the individual windings very effectively. Our CFC-OFC coils are available in four diameters from AWG 10 to AWG 16 (corresponds to round wire with diameters of 1.25 to 2.6mm).

Available Values from 0,15 - 8,2 mH
Diameter: 28*0.075 mm = 2.1 qmm / Aquivalent round wire: 1.63mm Ø
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