Cayin HA-2A Headphones Amplifier, silver

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Cayin HA-2A headphone amplifier, silver

The new HA-2A from Cayin sets new standards in audio performance as a balanced tube headphone amplifier with selected NOS tubes. This masterpiece combines the unique warmth and smoothness of vintage NOS vacuum tubes with cutting-edge technology to deliver stunningly detailed sound with a wide soundstage and excellent musicality. Equipped with a pair of selected Amperex 17BF11 NOS double pentodes and a matched pair of Amperex ECF82/6U8 NOS for power and voltage amplification as well as an RCA 17AX4GT NOS rectifier tube, the amplifier promises an unparalleled listening experience.

Thanks to the innovative amplifier circuit in single-ended Class A technology, developed by Cayin's engineers, the properties of the tubes used are optimally used. The multi-stage filtering, low-noise FET voltage regulation and the specially developed EI output transformer with Z11 core guarantee perfect control of headphone loads and produce a balanced, warm sound with rich harmonic characteristics.

The HA-2A offers three settings (High/Mid/Low) to optimally adapt the headphone outputs to the impedance of the connected headphones, achieving a high output power of up to 1000 mW per channel. The transformers play a crucial role in the amplifier's performance, with high-quality, wide-bandwidth EI transformers designed specifically for the HA-2A. These deliver plenty of power with high efficiency and extremely low distortion.

Versatile connectivity options, including three headphone jacks (two balanced and one unbalanced) and two analog inputs (XLR and RCA), provide flexibility for a variety of audio devices. All Cayin tube amplifiers are handcrafted using point-to-point wiring, ensuring the shortest signal path and improved detail.
The HA-2A fits seamlessly into the Cayin i-8 components and enables optical integration with the iDAP-8 Digital Streamer and the iDAC-8 DAC to form a compact desktop system. Despite its compact dimensions and a weight of only 10 kg, the HA-2A offers exceptional audio performance and harmonious aesthetics. With extensive metal finishing and resin sealing, the amplifier remains in first-class condition even after intensive use. A switch-on delay circuit minimizes clicking noises during activation and ensures that the tubes are optimally warmed up before music playback begins.

The HA-2A is an unbeatable combination of price, performance and craftsmanship for extremely rich, musical listening pleasure.

Technical data
  • Inputs: XLR x2, RCA x2
  • Output tubes: Amperex 17BF11 x2
  • Driver tubes: Amperex ECF82/6U8 x2
  • Rectifier: RCA 17AX4GT
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 270mmx 215mmx 143mm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Mains fuse: ~220V-240V; T500mAL250V
  • Fuse output tubes: T125mA; E250V
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Environmental Conditions: Temp: 0oC~40oC; Humidity: 20% – 80%
Output power per channel
  • 4pin XLR (BAL)800mW (L); 900mW (M); 1000mW (H)
  • 4.4mm (BAL)200mW (L); 300mW (M); 270mW (H)
  • 6.35mm (SE)330mW (L); 550mW (M); 750mW (H)
  • Frequency range: 20Hz~50kHz ±3dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.2% (1kHz, 100mW)
  • Input sensitivity: 450mV~600mW
  • External voltage distance: 100dB (A-weighting)
  • Selectable headphone impedances:L: 8~64Ω; M: 65~250Ω; H: 251~600Ω
  • Headphone outputs: 4pin XLR x1, 4.4mm x1, 6.35mm x1
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