Top Class Tube Amplifiers and CD-Players


Cayin is a manufacturer of top class tube amplifiers and CD players

Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 to develop and manufacture outstanding hi-fi amplifiers and other audio products. It is a subsidiary of China's national airline. Until 1997 the devices were sold in Germany under the name Spark. For legal reasons, the name Spark could not be used in Germany.

So Thomas Deyerling founded Cayin Audio Distribution GmbH Germany in 1998. What he did not know at the time is that the name Cayin should establish itself almost worldwide as a synonym for high-quality hi-fi components with an incredible musicality. So Zhuhai Spark bought him the naming rights for worldwide sales. Today Cayin / Spark produces more than 100 different hi-fi devices. The devices are marketed worldwide through more than 20 distributors. The devices are constantly being presented to an enthusiastic audience at the hi-fi / high-end shows in Tokyo, London, Milan, Copenhagen, Athens, Hong Kong, Taipei and Munich.

Cayin products regularly receive positive reviews in the specialist magazines of the global press. In Germany in particular, more than 20 great test results have been achieved in recent years. Five devices got that "Stereoplay Highlight", five devices received the top rating of "5 ears" from Audio magazine. Terms such as a miracle combination, a real insider tip, outstanding, absolute top class or world class 5 stars etc. stand for Cayin. This excellent reputation and the high reputation of the Cayin brand is maintained by the excellent product quality (optics, feel, mechanics, technology, acoustics) in all respects and the cheap / affordable prices. In order to continue to live up to this reputation and to express the long-term stability of all devices, Cayin grants a 3-year guarantee on the hand-made devices. You get a two-year guarantee even on the tubes.
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