Cayin RU7 Mobile USB DAC Dongle

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Cayin RU7 Mobile USB DAC Dongle

The Cayin RU7 is a USB DAC and headphone amplifier in one - built to offer a powerful alternative to the usually weak headphone outputs of mobile devices.

The Cayin RU7 comes with a protective leather case, USB-C cable and USB adapter.

This dongle drastically upgrades smartphones. The Cayin RU7 is a USB DAC and headphone amplifier in one - built to offer a powerful alternative to the usually weak headphone outputs of mobile devices.

Connected to the USB interface of mobile phones and tablets, the Cayin RU7 converts the songs stored on them or streamed from a music service with the precision of a Cayin-developed discrete 1-bit resistor network DAC.

The RU7 meets the high expectations of demanding hi-fi enthusiasts for mobile music playback and compensates for the limited audio capabilities of smartphones, computers or tablets. To do this, the DAC is simply connected to the USB-C socket. Once connected between the playback device and headphones, the RU7 now converts the digital audio stream into an audible analog signal.
The signals are converted by a discrete 1-bit resistor network in a ladder structure with 128 thin-film resistors arranged in four groups of 32 resistors each, which has already shown its excellent performance in the current DAP Cayin N7. In addition, the DAC processes PCM signals up to 384 kHz and DSD streams up to DSD256.

The all-to-DSD mode was also adopted from the Cayin N7. This means that high-quality streams in DSD format can also be processed natively on the smartphone or signals converted into the format before they are routed through the converter network. Signals can also be decoded as a PCM stream up to a sampling rate of 384 kHz.

The RU7 has a 3.5mm jack and a balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn connector. The sound quality of the symmetrical four-channel technology can get even more out of high-resolution material in terms of quality with the right headphones. The jack connection has an output of 160 mW and the balanced output even 400 mW. The resistance is 32 ohms on both connections. Even performance-hungry headphones should be able to get started with the RU7 full of joy.

The simple and elegant design of the mobile converter in dongle format is also convincing. The rounded edges and the black finish ensure a stylish look. The OLED display with a resolution of 128×64 pixels provides precise information about the data rate and the playback volume.

Zum Zubehör gehört ein Ledercase. Zusätzlich gibt es Magnete, mit denen der DAC sicher und ohne Rückstände an der Smartphone-Hülle befestigt werden kann. Mit dem mitgelieferten USB-C Kabel kann der RU7 problemlos an Android-Smartphones oder iPads angeschlossen werden. Ein USB-A-Adapter rundet das Set ab.
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