Atoll AM 200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier silver

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Atoll AM 200 Signature
Power Amplifier

Aluminium front panel of 8 mm and complete steel chassis of 1,5 mm;
Fully symmetrical stages with discrete components;
Double pair of MOS-FET transistors per channel on outputs;
2 Torroïdal transformers, double-mono configuration;
Possibility of mono bridge (internal);
                     Available in black or silver
  • Double stereo Inputs (RCA) ;
  • 1 pair of loudspeakers outputs ;
  • 12V trigger Input
Technical specs:
  • Power Wrms / ch. / 8 ohms (230v)    120 W
  • Power Wrms / ch. / 4 ohms (230v)    200 W
  • Supply                                              670 VA
  • Total of capacitors                        62 000 µF
  • Input Impedance                        220 Kohms
  • Sensitivity                                          1,77 V
  • Rate Signal/Noise                            100 dB
  • Distortion at 1kHz                            0,005%
  • Frequency Response              5Hz-200kHz
  • Rise Time                                           1,3µs
  • Dimensions                        440*90*280mm
  • Weight                                               11 Kg
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