DA converter, phono and headphone amplifier


Rupert Neve Designs and Fidelice

Rupert Neve has lived in Wimberley, Texas since 2002. There he founded his new company Rupert Neve Designs in 2005 to return to his technical roots with a top-class engineering team. The newly developed studio devices are developed and manufactured with the same uncompromising standards of sound quality that have established the world fame of classic Neve components. These products bring back the classic, warm and musical analogue Neve sound to today's largely digital music production and have long since found their way to countless professionals from all over the world, who use them every day in all styles from rock and hip-hop to classical and jazz.

Rupert Neve Designs gear has won just about every award the professional studio scene has to offer, including no fewer than sixteen TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) awards since 2006.

With the new Fidelice product line, Rupert Neve and his engineering team have done everything to bring the high-end listening experience from the studio directly to your home.