Atoll DAC 200 Signature Digital-Analog-Converter with Bluetooth silver

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Atoll DAC 200
Converter DAC200 Signature
Audio Specs:
  • SABRE converter ES9028PRO (32 bits/768kHz) (133dB dynamic range; THD+n -120dB)
  • Ultra low jitter clock oscillator
  • Symmetrical voltage outputs
  • SABRE ES9311EQ Ultra-Low Noise supply (<1μVrms output noise)
  • Symmetrical power transformers for output stages (linear transformers)
  • Output stages with discrete components and no-feedback
  • High technology MKP capacitors
Readable files:
  • The SPDIF inputs may playback up to PCM 192kHz.
  • USB-B input plays up to PCM 768kHz & DSD64, 128, 256 and 512.
(These performances may vary depending on the software or OS of the USB source).
  • Serial remote control
  • Volume control (By-pass On or Off)
  • Management of the DAC filters.
  • Low consumption OLED display which can display the selected source and also the frequency sample rate of this one.
9 digital inputs:
  • 3 Coaxial
  • 3 Optical
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-B
2 digital outputs:
  • Coaxial
  • Optical
3 analog outputs:
  • RCA unbalanced stereo
  • XLR balanced stereo
  • Headphones jack 3,5mm
 Technicals dimensions
  • Size: 440x280x60 mm
  • Weight: about 4kg
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