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Our heart beats for first-class hi-fi and speaker technology at a fair price. With 40 years of experience, hifisound is your competent online retailer for high-quality hi-fi systems and individual components. We have been supplying hi-fi lovers with high-quality components for music playback in their own four walls via our online shop since 1998. We offer you selected audio components and constantly check our range to offer you the best quality at an affordable price. The fast processing and delivery of your order in a safe packaging is a personal concern for us. Take your time and discover our diverse selection for high-quality DIY speaker construction as well as the extensive selection of analog and digital devices that will bring you a little closer to the perfect sound.

Our recommendation

Musical Fidelity A1 Claas-A Amplifier

The MUSICAL FIDELITY A1 is the ideal amplifier for anyone who values ​​its approximately 20 watts of power per channel in Pure Class A more than all the three or even four-digit brochure specifications of other concepts. Loudspeakers with high efficiency in particular, but also special concepts such as the famous BBC Monitor LS3/5A, are at their best with it and many a new A1 friend who has only known its legendary abilities through hearsay will After just a few bars he will have the answer to why he has never been able to delve so deeply into the music before.

Facit: "This clearly isn’t an amplifier for everyone. The fact that it runs so hot (and uses lots of power while doing so) will be an issue for some. The A1’s relatively low power output could be another issue. But it is hard to have anything but admiration for Musical Fidelity for bringing back such a classic amplifier in such a faithful way.  This is a truly charming product, and we love the way it looks. If you want a taste of a classic hi-fi product but with the reassurance and reliability of buying new, dive right in."

New products


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The hifisound range - high-end sound for the home

As an authorized dealer for all brands offered in the web shop, we are real specialists in the industry and offer you individual advice. From loudspeakers, turntables, amplifiers and home cinema to hi-fi racks and loudspeaker stands as well as extensive cable accessories, our range offers everything your heart desires. Whether speakers from Dynaudio, Klipsch or Dali, AV network receivers from Denon, Marantz or NAD, you will find what you are looking for in the hifisound online shop. In addition to products from other manufacturers, our range has also included our own manufacturer brand "Harwood Acoustics" with innovative speaker kits for demanding customers since 1988.

Free repair service in case of warranty

The hifisound online shop offers you a 24-month guarantee on all devices purchased from us as well as the corresponding repair service. If a defect occurs, log into the webshop and simply send the product back to us free of charge by being forwarded to the DHL returns portal. This service is guaranteed to be available to you within 24 months of the delivery date. We take care of the repair and the return transport of the repaired hi-fi device, so that the entire service process remains free of charge for you.