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Pro-Ject Debut PRO turntable with Pick it PRO cartridge

30 years of Pro-Ject Audio Systems - The Debut PRO

In 1991 Pro-Ject surprised the hi-fi world with a turntable that impressed with its excellent sound and an extremely attractive price. The secret of this first Pro-Ject turntable lay in its design, which was completely reduced to the most essential functions. The materials and technologies used, however, were uncompromisingly selected with a view to the best possible reproduction quality.

Following this philosophy, an extensive complete range of turntables, electronic components and loudspeakers has emerged over the years. The models of the Debut line are among the best-selling quality turntables worldwide. Now the company is celebrating this unique success story and is presenting a very special model for its 30th anniversary: ​​the new Debut PRO.

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