Harwood Reference - Speaker kit (without Cabinet) Standard

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Hobby HiFi 2/2010

"Thirteen woofers plus tweeters: this is the standard concept for living space-friendly shelving boxes. But although it has already been implemented many times, the Harwood Monitor 13 AM gains a completely new and very interesting facet from this concept: dynamics that is otherwise only known from much larger loudspeakers. The chassis used offer dynamic qualities that make them the top of their class: 13-centimeter bass-midrange drivers with a huge 50-millimeter voice coil, we don't hold that yet, and a compact air-motion tweeter like Harwood's AM 25 came The Air Motion Transformer has the dynamic in its blood: It has a much larger membrane than it appears in the front view, because it is set in deep folds and also moves like a bellows The principle goes back to the German-American Oskar Heil, who used it exclusively with his company ESS until patent protection expired after 30 years e Manufacturer of air motion tweeters.

"The Harwood Reference proves the high potential of DIY speakers. With this construction, hifi hobbyists reach a level where they will set new standards in every high-end discussion."

  • Developer: Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Timmermanns (Timmermanns engineering office, Kleve)
  • Housing design: Michael Karwowski (PEAK LSV, Solingen)
  • Speaker chassis: Harwood Acoustics (HT, MT); Peerless (TT)
  • Dimensions WxHxD (designer housing): 220 x 1,180 x 530 mm base 360 ​​x 570 mm
  • Dimensions WxHxD (standard housing): 220 x 1,138 x 500 mm base 300 x 580 mm
  • Low frequency net volume: 60 l
  • Midtone net volume: 9 l
  • Housing principle of operation: bass reflex housing
  • Nominal impedance according to DIN: 4 ohms
  • Impedance minimum: 3.0 ohms / 50 Hz
  • Sensitivity (2.83 V, 1 m): 85 dB
  • Frequency range (-3 dB): 28 Hz - 32 kHz
  • Crossover frequencies: 150 Hz, 3.0 kH


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