Mundorf M-CAP Supreme Classic Silver Oil 1000 VDC

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MCap-Supreme Classic Silver/Oil

This product is an oil impregnated metallised paper dielectric capacitor, with the same series wiring as our MCap-Supreme capacitors.
Our advanced winding technology enables the production of induction-free capacitors for wonderfully spacious and detailed sound reproduction. Over the last ten years these properties have made the MCap-Supreme an international best-seller.
As the name indicates, high-purity silver is used for the capacitor coating, and the winding is impregnated with a special oil developed in an exhaustive series of experiments and listening tests. Both these features contribute to an even fuller and smoother tonal richness and diversity.

This capacitors ability to bring out the finest nuances and the most subtle distinctions make the music sound more alive and juicy, yet without unnatural emphasis of any individual effects.

Our state-of-the-art metallised paper foils make it possible to maintain extremely exacting production tolerances that cannot be achieved with traditional oil/paper capacitor designs. This is also the first time that the benefits of oil-impregnated capacitor design have been successfully combined with the well-known long-term stability of metallised paper and internal series wiring for induction-free performance.
These low manufacturing tolerances are one of the key reasons for the wonderfully spacious music reproduction achieved with these capacitors: Perfect stereo is only possible when the performance of the left and right channels is virtually identical.
The long-term capacitance stability of these products is equally important, of course. Without it there is no way to achieve really constant performance not even with capacitors selected as matched pairs.
We are confident that this new capacitor once again underlines our long-standing status as one of the leading international innovators in the quality audiophile components field, and we would like to ask you to test this claim for yourself.

Technical Specifications:
  • Dielectric: Polypropylen
  • Dielectric strength: 1000 VDC
  • Tolerance: ± 2%, typ. 1%
  • Loss angle tan δ = 0.0002 bei 1kHz
  • Loss angle tan δ = 0.0001 bei 10kHz
  • Dimension D x L/mm: 16 x 34

Technical drawing

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