Expolinear RT-8 Pro Ribbon Tweeter black

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Expolinear RT-8 Pro
Pro Ribbon Tweeter black

These are magnetostatic film converters with a high degree of selection for the highest demands.

  • Use from 1800 Hz, 91 dB W / m    
  • classic design with transformer     
  • Dimensions 80 x 100 mm (W / H, outer dimensions of the panel)     
  • Very high sound radiating surface!     
  • Special thermal dissipation     
  • Front panel black
General data:     
  • Magnet ferrite     
  • Membrane aluminum     
  • Front panel aluminum     
  • Front panel thickness 5 mm     
  • Installation depth 65 mm     
  • Installation dimensions 69 x 85 mm     
  • External dimensions B / H 80 x 100 mm
Technical specifications:     
  • Nominal impedance according to DIN 8 Ω     
  • Frequency range 1800 - 45000 Hz     
  • lowest separation frequency 1800 Hz     
  • Efficiency 91 dB / W / m

Test in Klang & Ton 6/2018: (October / November 2018)

"... convince the high-quality workmanship and the metal execution, which together with the built-in transformer are responsible for the high mass of the driver. Its acoustic qualities are also impressive: An impressive linear frequency response of one and a half to over 40 kilohertz goes hand in hand with a nearly perfect omnidirectional pattern .... Conclusion: Very good ribbon tweeter with the application range of a dome. "

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 1800 Hz
Max. Frequency 45000 kHz
Sound pressure 91.5 dB


Overall dimensions 69 x 85 mm mm
Baffle cutout 69 x 85 mm mm
Depth (Total) 65 mm mm
Front material -
Membrane Material Aluminium


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