Bluehorizon Pro Brush Anti-static record brush

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Bluehorizon Pro Brush

Anti-static record brush

Probrush is both simple to use and highly effective at removing surface dust from records before playing. This improves and enhances your listening experience as well as preserving the life of not only your record collection but your phono cartridge too.

Using Probrush prior to vinyl replay also eliminates static build-up which can create pops can crackles. With over two million anti-static carbon fibre bristles Probrush is an essential tool for all turntable users.

  • Cleans deep into the grooves of vinyl records
  • Integral stand with built-in dust removal mechanism
  • Protects your turntable’s stylus
  • Preserves the life of vinyl records
  • Simple and effective to use
  • Construction  Two lines of anti static carbon figure brushes
  • Einfach anwendbar und effektiv in der Wirkung
  • Aufbau zwei Reihen antistatischer Karbonbürsten

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