Plus Audio The+Record Player Rack

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Plus Audio The+Record Player Rack

Room placement is critical to all audio systems and significant differences  are audible when your system is placed in the "sweet" spot within the listening room.
THE+RECORD PLAYER, as all sophisticated audio components, will perform at it's best if positioned away from room corners and at the right height. Unfortunately this is not always possible when it stands on one of your home furniture.

THE+RP SYSTEM is the solution: it allows you  to have the best setup for the record player.  The stand places the player at the right height to enhance sonic performance with better bass and highly improved soundstage. In addition to improve the sound quality, it will efficiently store a significant number of LPs ( up to 200 ) .   

THE STAND  is made of high quality MDF and aluminium column. Its minimalist look will fit in most decors without being much intrusive. Available in Walnut or Maple to match the player colour.
You receive a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for all of our high quality hifi-products.

If you observe any problem while using the product, you have the possibility to contact our friendly service team.

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