Fiio FH3 Hybrid 3-way high-end in-ear headphones

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Fiio FH3 Hybrid 3-way high-end in-ear headphones

Product informations

The FiiO FH3 in-ear headphones come with a multitude of innovations and improvements, all of which guarantee an even more balanced and natural sound. Hybrid construction of dynamic and BA drivers, beryllium coating on the dynamic driver and much, much more.

The highlights of the FiiO FH3 at a glance:
  • The best of both worlds - hybrid of dynamic and BA drivers
  • Beryllium-coated driver - crisp and precise bass
  • Patented S.TURBO acoustic design - ensures a clean sound
  • High quality headphone cable - with 96 strands with silver coating Elegant and robust housing - Made of CNC-milled aluminum
Balanced armature + dynamic driver = perfect sound

The in-ear, i.e. the headphones that are placed in the ear, dominate the global market, but there are also people who do not like the feeling in the ear and therefore reject this design. If you don't feel like wearing in-ear headphones, but are still looking for extremely compact headphones and don't want to compromise on sound quality, you can look and listen to the FiiO EM5. This is also inserted into the ear, but only rests on the ear canal (instead of being inserted into it) and still delivers an excellent sound.

Beryllium-coated driver - Bringing together the extremes

For first-class sound, drivers are required that are actually supposed to combine completely opposing properties. On the one hand, they should be as stiff and resistant to distortion as possible, but on the other hand they should be as light as possible in order to react to impulses as quickly as possible and reproduce the music signal true to the original. Beryllium solves this problem. On the one hand, it is extremely strong (4x stronger than steel) and hardens the 14.2 millimeter membrane in the headphones effectively against unwanted distortions in the music signal, but is also wonderfully light, so that the impulse fidelity of the driver is maintained.

Patented S.TURBO design - with integrated pressure compensation

The S.TURBO design consists of a bass reflex tube with an impressive length of 41.5 millimeters, which is shaped in the shape of a snail inside the headphones. But not only the bass benefits from the design, but also the treble, because unwanted high-frequency components are effectively filtered out on the way through the tube. The whole thing happens so effectively that FiiO speaks of a real 3-way structure with electronic and physical crossover. In addition to the "snail" in the headphones, which stabilizes the bass, there is another, clever feature: two outlets per earphone, which regulate the pressure inside the headphones, which ensures a balanced and clean sound.

High purity silver in the entire headphone cable - uncompromising quality

In music, every detail counts. Like, for example, the 1.20 meter long headphone cable used. You know that at FiiO and don't make any compromises. To connect the plug to the headphones, 96 single conductors made of monocrystalline silver-coated copper are used, all of which together ensure a lively and clear sound.

Housing made of aircraft aluminum and magnesium - precisely manufactured

The housing of each individual earphone of the FiiO FH3 in-ear headphones is precisely CNC machined. With 4340 (!) Individual steps you get the perfect product. The case is not only durable and of high quality, but the experience with previous FiiO in-ears has also been incorporated and the wearing comfort is increased even further. A difference that you can see and feel.

Maximum flexibility with the headphone connection - with one click

With the MMCX connection integrated in the FiiO FH3, every headphone cable can be easily clicked on, removed and replaced. Whether you want to use a different headphone cable with a larger or smaller jack plug or want to use “Bluetooth cables” like the FiiO UTWS1 or FiiO LC-BT2: everything is possible in no time at all.

Lots of accessories included - including various ear tips

Every ear and every hearing taste is different. That is why the FiiO FH3 comes with a whole stack of different pairs of ear tips in different sizes and sound settings. There are three pairs for bass lovers, three pairs for those who prefer balanced sound reproduction and three pairs for those who appreciate high-pitched reproduction. And for very sensitive ears, there are also two super soft pairs of foam tips that, thanks to the body heat, elegantly adapt to the inner ear and guarantee uninterrupted listening pleasure for many hours at a time.
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