Cayin N8ii High Res Digital Player with tube output stages

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Cayin N8ii High Res Digital Player with tube output stages

High-res audio player with the finest tube technology.

HiRes music to go

With the N8ii, Cayin presents a mobile HiRes player for the most demanding music playback on the go and when travelling. As usual from Cayin, the N8ii is of course a player with the finest tube technology. In addition to the uncompromising equipment and sound tuning that Cayin has always stood for, this mobile HiRes machine shines with a tube output stage and with ROHM BD34301EKV chips used for the first time in a portable HiRes product.

Mobile HiRes player for the most demanding music playback

The N8ii HiRes player inspires with mobile sound in a sound quality that has hardly been achieved before. This is primarily due to Cayin's consistent use of the highest quality tube technology. The tube output stage is particularly outstanding here. Two economical, extremely compact 6P1 Nutube tubes from the musical instrument maker Korg work in it. Both tubes are controlled by two ROHM BD34301EKV chipsets, which are celebrating their world premiere in a portable high-end product in the N8ii. In order to achieve maximum performance, each chip here is operated in mono mode. Two low-pass antialiasing filters (PCM mode) and three DSD filters are available for fine-tuning the sound signature. The two said KORG Nutube 6P1 tubes are used in a fully balanced circuit. This in turn ensures the natural and warm sound known from Cayin.

Class A or AB

The sound signature can also be freely determined. You have the choice between Class A mode or Class B mode. You can easily select the tuning you want using the pull-down menu. The sound can be easily adapted to the headphones used or to your own taste in music. The Class A mode stands for low distortion with optimal playback conditions at the same time. The sound can be described as silky soft, warm and full. Ideal for music with lots of details, mellowness and demanding macro dynamics. If you prefer the more powerful, punchier playback, select the Class B mode. This is characterized by higher efficiency and dynamics. Now the N8ii plays clean, tight and robust. The ideal choice for music pieces with a high dynamic range.

DSD512 / 768kHz and Bluetooth

The N8ii scores with HiRes capability up to PCM 768 and DSD512. Digital data is supplied via USB-C or Mini HDMI (I2S). In addition, there is Bluetooth streaming up to 192 kilohertz/24 bit, balanced (4.4mm) and unbalanced (3.5mm) headphone outputs and an analogue audio interface, thanks to which the N8ii can also be integrated as a HiRes DAC in almost any HiFi system can be. A colored LED indicator on the side of the Cayin HiRes specialist provides information about the current data rate. The N8ii can also be used as a high quality analog source for powered speakers and portable/desktop amps.

Internal storage / battery power

The N8ii provides 128 gigabytes of internal storage space for your own music collection. Thanks to the slot on the side, this can be expanded to up to 1 TB using an optionally available TF card. Of course, the Cain HiRes player can also be integrated into the home WLAN, which then enables it to stream music from shared storage or from online music services such as Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify. In addition, the tube HiRes player is also able to play music directly via connected USB mass storage devices.

The permanently integrated 10,000 mAh battery also promises continuous music playback of up to 11 hours (unbalanced) or 10 hours (balanced). Even the flight to the east coast of the USA or the train journey from Hamburg to Vienna can be accompanied by music throughout.

5 inch AMOLED / case

All information about the music currently being played, including the cover image, battery level, volume, data rate and all other important information can be read on the 5-inch AMOLED touch screen. Important commands such as play, pause, skip and fast forward are commanded here with just a tap. Alternatively, these settings can also be made using the buttons embedded flush in the side panel of the N8ii. The volume is conveniently controlled using the gold-colored rotary control on the top of the housing. This is framed by the housing in such a way that it is almost impossible to change the level unintentionally. Another special feature: The CNC-machined aluminum body has an insulated, fully damped chamber for integrating the Nutube tubes. A flexible circuit board minimizes the transfer of shocks to and from the motherboard. In order to eliminate microphonic effects, the Cayin also has an exclusively developed device for damping mechanical shocks.

Extensive accessories

The scope of delivery of the Cayin N8ii also includes a wide range of accessories. In addition to a high-quality USB-C cable, the HiRes player also comes with a 4.4mm to 2.5mm and 3.5mm to 2.5mm jack adapter. There is also a genuine leather cover that protects the N8ii from scratches and unsightly fingerprints on the go. A transparent protection for the display, a user manual and two hi-res stickers complete the accessories package.

New firmware available: Cayin has developed new firmware for the N8ii. You can easily install this via WLAN (OTA). Once the N8ii is powered on and connected to WiFi, you will be automatically guided through the update menu.
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